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Green Solutions

The roofing industry is “going ‘green’” and we are too! Bruttell Roofing has been focused on becoming an environmentally friendly company for both new and existing roofs. Going “green” can be very expensive – but it doesn’t have to be!

We offer many affordable environmentally friendly solutions that allow our customers to be earth-conscious. The easiest and most affordable solution is preserving the roof you already have. Keeping that roof out of the landfill is our priority. From the standpoint of the environment, disposing of millions of cubic yards of perfectly good roofing and insulation and hauling it to the landfill is a serious mistake.

Besides caring for your existing roof, we install “Cool Roofs”. They are light in color, making them reflective of UV rays. Made from recycled product, they reduce energy consumption, and are very affordable. Using recycled materials when servicing your roof is another environmental consideration.

The only true “green” roofing system is one that uses live vegetation. Garden roofs offer many advantages to both the environment and the building owner. They, however, are a very costly product to purchase, install, and maintain, especially in a Northern climate.