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At Bruttell Roofing, we utilize all the technology that our industry provides. A quality contractor uses the right materials to get the job done. There are many situations where technology is needed because even experience cannot solve the issue at hand.

Ice Dams

Ice dams and the water damage that comes with them is a hazard of living in Michigan’s cold climate.  As much as we try to prevent ice damming by installing proper roof ventilation and recommending adequate attic insulation, we still see customers with significant ice dams in the winter.

If an ice dam has formed on your roof, it must be at least partially removed, so water cannot get trapped behind it, causing a leak.  This can be done with hammers and even sometimes hatchets, but this can damage the brittle shingles below.  Your best solution is to have them steamed off the roof.  Our ice dam steamer is a high-temperature, low pressure machine, that gently removes the ice without damaging the shingles below.  It also safely removes ice from the gutters, allowing melt water to drain away properly.  It is the best and most effective way we have found of removing ice dams.