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Inspection and Repairs

Our inspection and maintenance department has been praised for decades. With over 40 years of experience handling every type of roofing issue, we will devise a solution that will work for you. We have a project manager dedicated solely to inspection and repairs, and crews that are available for roofing emergencies 24 hours a day.

Call our Emergency Service Department 24/7 for emergency response to your roofing crisis.

Being proactive can save you thousands of dollars by maintaining your roof properly and extending its service life. A roof requires attention to detail just like everything else. Bruttell’s system of reporting provides you with an explanation of your roof’s current needs and a plan of action for repairs or replacement. We custom tailor reporting to your facility and budgeting concerns, so you can target the most important issues your roof faces.

Bruttell Roofing’s maintenance program makes proactivity a priority. More than half of the disasters building owners face could have been avoided with proper maintenance. We inspect your roof in the fall and repair deficiencies that, left unattended, could cause major damage during the winter months. In the spring, we follow up with an inspection to ensure no new issues are threatening your asset. Protect the contents of your building and enroll in our affordable and effective maintenance program today!

2 Minute Video: 4 important things your roof needs prior to winter!

Winter is coming and it is going to get COLD. Is your roof ready for the challenges winter brings? Watch our 2 minute video for a brief summary of what your roof needs. Is your roof ready?