• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

Arden Park

System Type: EPDM membrane & Slate with Copper Details

Sometimes we are asked “what type of roofing do you specialize in?”.  My regular answer is “Everything”!   The Arden Park residence is great example of this.  A combination of natural slate, EPDM flat roof membrane and custom fabricated copper details, the project is a great example of the diverse quality of work we are capable of.

The main steep slope sections of the roof are natural Vermont Slate, highlighted by custom fabricated 16oz. copper counter-flashings, valleys, snow guards and half-round gutters.  The steep portions of the roof tie into several flat roof sections that we covered with a 60 mil EPDM membrane manufactured by Firestone.

I could tell you how great this roof looks, but as they say: “a picture tells a thousand words”.  Take a look at the in-progress shots below.