• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

Kurpinski Residence Chimney

System Type: 16-ounce Standing Seam Copper Chimney

Matthew Kurpinski contacted us as a last resort after several roofing contractors and a brick mason could not stop the leaking coming in on both sides of his double-sided fireplace. He was even considering removing the chimney completely! Lucky for him, one of our managers, Darren Kania, has over twenty year’s of experience as both an architectural sheet metal foreman and project manager. Darren explained that the only way to guarantee to stop the moisture from infiltrating would be to clad the entire chimney in metal. After prepping the chimney with plywood and high-temperature Grace Ice and Water Shield, Darreninstalled a custom 16-ounce copper standing seam system on the sides of the chimney. The top of the chimney was finished with a fully soldered copper hammerlock cap. Not only did the copper stop all of the chimney leaks, Mr. Kurpinski has the best looking chimney in his neighborhood


Year Installed: 2014
Location: Northville, Michigan