• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

North 320

System Type: Firestone EPDM with Custom Sheet Metal Details

North 320 is a high-end residential new construction project being built in downtown Northville. Many of the roofs on this project also act as outdoor patios so it was crucial to design a system that could hold up to the foot traffic.

The base roofing system installed is Firestone’s 60 mil EPDM membrane which is a tough product to begin with. However, on these units, paver systems are being utilized to provide extra protection. In the photos you will see a standard concrete paver, however, some of the owners have opted for high-end Tile Tech paver systems that we will be installing in the near future.

These roof also have loads of custom sheet metal details including coping, edge metal, gutters, fascia and soffit, all of which was custom fabricated in our in-house sheet metal shop. When completed, this place is going to shine!


Year: 2020
Location: Northville, Michigan