• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

Pine Ridge of Plumbrook

System Type: CertainTeed Landmark Shingle Roof System

The job profile featured for the month of January is Pine Ridge of Plumbrook-Senior Living Apartments located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Pine Ridge of Plumbrook was established in 2003. The senior home consists of a shingle roof system and a low-slope membrane roof system.

The new shingle roof system is a CertainTeed Landmark architectural style shingle along with all CertainTeed accessories. The shingle color featured is “Weathered Wood,” one of the most popular colors on the market. The new low-slope system is a fully adhered Firestone EPDM Reinforced membrane along with all appropriate accessories. Below, you will find some progress and final photos of this tremendous project


Year Installed: 2019
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan