• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

St. Michael’s Church

System Type: 60. Mil Firestone EPDM, 24 ga. Kynar steel standing seam panels & Certainteed Landmark dimensional shingles.

When St. Michael’s church in Sterling Heights needed to have their roof replaced, they had a tough decision to make; Do we hire a residential roofing company that also does some flat roofing and sheet metal work or do we hire a commercial roofing company that dabbles in shingles? Well, luckily for them, Bruttell Roofing has experts in shingles, commercial membranes, and custom sheet metal!

Working with a specification put together by Roofing Technology & Associates, three separate Bruttell roofing installation crews, all working in their particular area of expertise, we’re able to put a beautiful, watertight system in place for the church. The sheet metal system is a24 ga. pre-finished steel panel produced by Pac-Clad. The standing seam areas are highlighted by a custom built-in gutter assembly that includes an integrated drip edge. The flat roof sections were done in a fully adhered, 60 mil. Firestone EPDM membrane and the remaining steep slope sections of the roof were completed with CertainTeed Landmark dimensional asphalt shingles.

At Bruttell Roofing, we pride ourselves on being able to install any type of roofing system with a very high level of quality. St. Michaels church will be a shining example of this for years to come.


Year Installed: 2018
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan