• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

Stonefield Village Condominium Association

System Type: Tamko Heritage 30 Dimensional Asphalt Shingle

At Bruttell Roofing, we do a lot of multi-family roofing projects. At any given time during the roofing season, we are probably working on at least three large residential jobs. Because we specialize in this type of work, we know how to keep50 or 100 different owners happy while still providing a high level of quality and getting the work done in a timely fashion.

At the moment, one of our crews is working on Stonefield Village in Utica, MI. Stonefield is getting adimensional asphalt shingle produced by TAMKO. As part of the project, we are installing oversized 6” k-style gutters to help with rainwater run-off and drainage.


Year Installed: 2018
Location: Utica, Michigan