• 10821 Capital Street Oak Park, MI 48237

Wabeek Oaks Condominium Association

System Type: Certainteed Landmark Pro dimensional asphalt shingle

At Bruttell Roofing, we specialize in multi-family residential roof installations so we are used to handling large projects. However, when Wabeek Oaks came to us and said they wanted all 140,000 square feet of shingle roofing in their development replaced in a 10-week timeframe, we knew we were in for a challenge. With as many as five shingle install crews working at a given time, including a full-time onsite project manager, we were able to meet their timeframe requirements and still maintain the high level of workmanship we are known for. The Certainteed Landmark Pro shingles we installed are not only a very good functional shingle, they are beautiful as well.


Year Installed: 2017
Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan